The story is the same for so many of us. We get the idea; the thing that we really want to do, to create, to become e.g. to start a new business, to start a community project, to achieve our ideal body, whatever it is, we get this idea and we feel passionate about making it happen.

That spark of inspiration and energy drives us to initiating our new project and we feel incredibly motivated and great things start to happen. We start to see a few results; we have a website for our new business and interest from customers, we have announced the community project and have found support, we have toned up our body and are looking healthier. Everything seems to be going well until we start to lose momentum and we look back after 6 months and we believe we have not achieved the results we had hoped for. And many of us give up.

But that story does not have to be your story. The difference between those that are successful and those that are not is simple:- they understand the Law Of Accumulation.

The Law Of Accumulation states that ‘everything great or worthwhile in human life is an accumulation of small tiny efforts and sacrifices that no one sees’. In other words, every single little action that you take and every moment of effort that you put towards your goal, counts towards it. All of these tiny efforts and actions all add up, over the long term, to you achieving your success.

Every time you decide to read a book or an article to improve your knowledge on the topic, every time you choose to have an earlier night’s sleep so you can get up in the morning early to be proactive, every time you take that tiny little action, you are adding to your accumulative tally and coming one step closer to your success. Equally, every time you have a late night’s sleep and don’t perform properly the next day, each time you decide to watch TV and aren’t proactive, each time you procrastinate, you are adding to your tally that does not accumulate to your success.

So when you look back at your journey towards achieving your goal and think that you have not accomplished enough, remember that every little action that you take towards your goal counts towards your success. Don’t give up and keep depositing into that growing bank account of success, bit by bit. You will get there. Soon it will be a bank account bigger than you could ever have dreamed of!


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