We all have times in our life in which we feel lethargic, apathetic, lazy and flat. But how do you get into that incredible state in which you feel motivated, engaged, energised and as if you could shoot like a rocket of productivity?

The simple answer is by viewing motivation is a different way. Stop seeing motivation as something that you have to feel because of external factors, for example, your boss, bills, money, people’s expectations. Instead shift your focus.

Allow motivation to come from within you. Really ask yourself ‘what inspires me?’. The word ‘inspire’ comes from the word ‘spiritose’ or ‘in spirit’. So, ask yourself, what makes you feel ‘in spirit’ and at one with yourself?

Where is that source of powerful, positive energy within you coming from? What mission, purpose of calling do you have? What do you believe in? What is it that you feel passionate enough about that will get you jumping out of bed in the morning?

More than any job you have to go to, any deadline you have or anyone’s expectation of you, that thing that really stirs your spirit within is what will powerfully motivate you. Why? Because it isn’t based on external factors outside of you and limitations that are imposed on you, but rather from the fire that burns deep within you; a fire that has an unlimited supply of potent energy which will keep the flames of motivation burning within you endlessly.

It is a place within you in which you feel totally free, impowered and completely connected to what you really want. And when you connect to what you really want and that burning desire inside you, nothing can stop you.

No matter what is, whether it is your desire to create your own business, or to start expressing yourself through art, or to take up learning a musical instrument, or to create your perfect body and get fit, or to start a charity that helps the world in an amazing way, that desire inside you is the key to the motivation that you seek. And no matter what happens in life, you can always find that powerful motivation again by reconnecting with your purpose, your passion and that place of being ‘in spirit’ within you.

So get honest with yourself, ask yourself what it is that truly inspires you and stir some burning flames within you. And when you know, start taking some action and watch the energy of that creative force gain momentum in your life. And have fun!

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